Business PC vs Consumer PC

Since personal computers (PC’s) were invented, there has always been a very clear distinction between what a Business PC and what a Consumer PC is. Due to the consumerisation of computers and electronic gadgets that distinction has been somewhat blurred of late. So here is our take on the Business PC versus the Consumer PC.


I am sure you have walked into Officeworks or Harvey Norman, seen the plethora of PC’s and notebooks and the bottom dollar price tags and thought, “Why cant I just buy one of these for my business, its the same thing right?” Wrong! The are many differences between them, and making the correct decision when purchasing can seriously affect the overall cost of ownership for that device.


So what’s the go? A Dell is a Dell isn’t it..?

Realised Technologies is Dell Premier partner and stock Dell Business PC’s in Cairns, therefore we will focus on Dell as the brand.


Dell Computers are split into 2 product ranges; Consumer and Business. Their consumer computers are called Inspiron and XPS and are targeted at students, home users, multimedia users, and gamers. Dell Business PC’s and notebook are called Optiplex and Latitude and are targeted at small business, enterprise and government.


So whats the difference?


1. Product Quality

Dell Business PC’s are built and tested with more robust components and typically out last Dell consumer PC’s.  Business PC’s are often sold in batches of thousands, and when you are dealing with those types of numbers, any percentage of failure is not acceptable. Therefore engineers make sure the components are super reliable and durable.



2. Product Longevity

Dell Business computers such as the Optiplex are sold by the millions and the product life cycle is much longer. Businesses want to be able to buy a PC today, and in a few months purchase the exact same PC again. This doesn’t happen in the consumer PC market where components change every time a new chipset is released.



3. Longer, Better Warranty

The standard warranty on most consumer PCs is 1-year return-to-base. That just doesn’t cut it for businesses who need highly available computers and if something does happen a super fast repair. Dell Business PCs carry a 3-year warranty, that can be extended to 5-years if you desire.


4. Technology and Operating System Choice

Business computers normally don’t come with fancy cases and covers, or the latest gaming video card. What they do come with though is more port options, and security options to suit business needs. I know VGA is on the way out, but corporate and business users still need this port in a lot of instances.


Dell business computers are configurable with either Windows 7 or Windows 8, giving business users the choice. If you buy something a JB Hi-Fi then you will only get Windows 8.


5. Total Cost of Ownership = Less

If you plan on utilising your PC for 3-5 years which most businesses do, then the extra cost of purchasing a business computer is offset against the longevity giving a much better total cost of ownership. Factor in less downtime, quicker warranty processes, and business computers are clearly cheaper in the long run.



Last longer, cheaper in the long run, less downtime, tailored to business.

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