The most compelling reasons to migrate to Office 365.

By Alan Gladman

The email system you run at work is very important. It facilitates communication with your clients and employees, so naturally something so vital should be top-quality. If you are still using an older email system, such as POP (Post Office Protocol) email, it may be time to consider switching, especially if this email system is at the core of your business.

Out with the old…

Space Constraints

POP email is usually hosted in an environment where mailboxes are very limited in size, to the effect of 50-100MB on average. If you need more space on a POP setup, you either have to constantly delete old emails, or buy more storage space at a higher cost.

Inadvertent Website Infection

Modern hacking techniques are dangerous, it’s that simple. And if you do use a POP email system, it can be all the worse. POP Mail is generally hosted in the same environment as your website is, meaning that potential malicious emails can be put in the same location as your website. If they’re targeting this kind of setup specifically, the simple act of receiving the dangerous email can infect your website itself, resulting in spam, altered content, or a broken website.

Security Issues

POP email still definitely supports attachments, and can send or download them as easily. However, there is -no- security in place to block malicious attachments. If you receive an attachment with a virus and accidentally run it, you’re open to all kinds of threats, such as Crypto Locker. Click here to read more about this dangerous infection.


And in with the new!

Integrated Software and Business Features

Office 365 brings with it a whole host of business features that can benefit yourself and your coworkers. Unlike a POP system, which doesn’t even handle having mail folders, 365 allows for flagging, synchronised drafts and sent items, and even shared calendars and attachments. A license with Office 365 can also come with Office Pro Plus 2013 installations, meaning you don’t need to purchase further licenses for office computers. Limiting mailbox size to only 50 MB in a POP setup is close to unusable in a business situation; Office 365 comes with 30 GB by default, meaning you’ll also effectively never have to delete messages. 

Reliability And Data Safety

Hosted on Microsoft’s powerful Azure Cloud platform, you can rest easy that your email services will practically never go down. Microsoft touted a 99.99% uptime in Q1 of 2015, and with two Australian datacentres in New South Wales and Victoria respectively, data from Cairns businesses is not stored overseas.

Multiple Devices?

POP email was designed years ago, when there was no such thing as smartphones, and “portable” devices weren’t very portable at all. In the present, we have a wide range of devices we would want to access our email on. Because POP is from a different age, it doesn’t have the features that you need in a business, like easily supporting multiple devices at a time, synchronising data across devices, or keeping mail states. If you delete an email while on your desktop, that email is still on another device, where you’d have to delete it again. Every device operates separately from others. This synchronisation allows all manner of data to be pushed between mail clients, such as address lists, calendar entries, and notes.

New Devices

Outlook and Office 365 utilise a handy feature called “autodiscover”. It allows new email clients to automatically detect and load the configuration from your mail, making setup quick and easy. As you may have experienced, POP email requires some technical knowledge to set up, such as which ports are in use, security types, and mail server addresses.


At Realised Technologies, we are a Microsoft Services Reseller. A majority of our Cairns business clients use and benefit from Office 365 for their email and Office software needs. If you are interested in establishing what kind of email system you have in place, or would like to enquire about switching over to Office 365, give us a call at 07 4051 4200 and one of our consultants can discuss your needs.