By Alan Gladman

When a $350 Billion colossus like Microsoft announce that they are launching a revolutionary new operating system, it is advisable to sit up and pay attention to what they are doing. On 29 July 2015, Windows 10 was released for FREE download to the public and since then, millions of people have upgraded.

One big question remained for those in business, who have a little more riding on the ability of this shiny new operating system to effectively perform its required functions. Should I upgrade my work computer to Windows 10?


In a business, uptime is a must. During a work day, it is unacceptable for a printer to stop working with your computer, or for your machine to crash while editing a large spreadsheet, and potentially losing hours of work. These are real problems that a brand-new software revision can bring, with an initial lack of support for drivers (the software that allows you to, for example, print documents) and as-of-yet unfound bugs.


You have to give credit where credit is due and the simple fact is that Windows 7 is a solid choice for a business PC. Released in 2009, and receiving regular patches, fixes, and security enhancements on the second Tuesday of every month, the operating system has had time to mature and grow, ironing out bugs and issues present that can cause issues.

  1. THINK COMPATABILITY (MYOB, QuickBooks, Best Practice)

Developers who produce software that you may use in your business (Such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Best Practice, for example) also spend large amounts of time making their programs work flawlessly on a specific operating system. Initially all kinds of software can and will be incompatible with Windows 10, meaning if you update your system, those programs will stop working, or work only sporadically. When you need reliability, this is not ideal.

Here at Realised Technologies, we encourage business users to NOT TO TAKE THE PLUNGE for the time being.

We are in the process of testing and evaluating the upgrade for compatibility with software that our clients use at the core of their work environment. If you would like one of our consultants to contact you about the viability of the upgrade for your circumstances, then please call us today on (07) 4051 4200.