Realised Technologies provide a comprehensive portfolio of IT hardware services to its clients.

The list below are some of our key product offerings, providing a robust, powerful, and business-oriented range of hardware.

Dell – Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, Servers

Dell Technologies provides a wide range of business machines, suitable for reliable small to medium business operations. Several factors set Dell technology apart

  • Next-Business-Day On-site warranties cover any hardware issues, with quick turn around times, and competent technicians who will visit your location and replace hardware on the spot, meaning you don’t need to send away computers for weeks for repair.
  • Business grade quality components, being generally more reliable, and more thoroughly tested out of the factory, than what you will find in big chain retail outlets.
  • Recent CPUs, and speedy storage ensure maximum end user productivity.

Meraki – Security and Wireless

Cisco Meraki security appliances and wireless access points provide enterprise-level edge security, and fast wireless access for your organisation. As an authorised Cisco Meraki reseller, we can provide great pricing on Meraki hardware and licensing, to give you peace of mind for your security needs.

  • Meraki security appliances prevent active intrusion into your network from third parties attempting to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Threat databases are maintained and updated frequently by Cisco, which are communicated to your equipment via the Cloud, meaning any security updates are applied with zero intervention, keeping you secure from the latest threats.
  • Cisco Meraki provides best-in-class wireless networking, ensuring low latency, and congestion free, Wi-Fi networks, which intelligently scan the area to keep things working smoothly.

Kyocera Document Solutions – Printing, Scanning, and Multi-functions

Kyocera Document Solutions produces quality, long-lasting printing and scanning devices for your small business. As a Kyocera Gold Partner, we have access to great deals on medical and small business devices and consumables, which are passed onto our customers.

  • Kyocera devices come with longer warranties than leading competitors, meaning that weird issue you get a year and a half down the track is covered.
  • Their devices are built with higher quality components, meaning long term usage is built into every device.

APC by Schneider Electric – Power Reliability and Protection

APC provides safe and affordable battery backup and power redundancy for your network.

  • During a storm or natural disaster, power fluctuations can damage equipment and data. APC power supplies and UPS devices ensure safety and reliability for your equipment.
  • A temporary power outage can cause hassles with servers going down, or you losing the work you’re doing when your PC switches off. Smaller under-desk UPS’s and larger server rack UPS’s reliably power your mission-critical equipment.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Switching

HPE provides robust solutions at the core of your network.

  • Switches which don’t need power cycling.
  • Switches which can support the load of your organisation, with IP Phones, Networked Printers, Servers, Workstations, you name it.

We are also familiar with the following technologies: