To quote the leader of the free world, “The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe, it’s hardly doable.”

Security can be complicated and often people assume it to be expensive when in reality, it’s the cost to your business of data loss and downtime that can be severe.


Effective security is all about implementing layers:

  • Gateway Security
  • Antivirus
  • Patching of workstations and servers
  • An effective backup and recovery solution and just as important
  • Educating staff about safe internet and email usage.

Though all of these important components together provide the best strategy, often missing any one of them can make you vulnerable.

Take for example you have antivirus on all servers and workstations and all are up to date, what happens when you have a visitor plug into your network who doesn’t? You become exposed. If that individual were infected with the recent ransomware “WannaCry” that crippled the UK’s National Health Service, then all of your network may have been infected.

Couldn’t you just restore your most recent backup? You could, but how long ago was that backup and how long will it take to restore all your data? What will you say to a patient whose consultation 30 minutes ago is no longer on record?

There are dozens of scenarios where all measures of protection can become ineffective so the best protection you can have is one which is proactive and automatic. And nothing beats protection that exists at the initial point of entry to your organisation – the internet.

We would like to introduce you to a product that offers you comprehensive security in a single box brought to you by Cisco Meraki, a global leader in networking products and at the forefront of security.

The Meraki MX is a new type of product that replaces your router and provides security for your entire organisation at the entry point to your business – think “a security guard at your entrance” but for the internet.

As you likely have heard, recently the attack on the UK’s National Health Service caused severe disruption to vital health services which estimates put at $4 Billion. This is not the first attack and certainly won’t be the last.

This particular attack classified as ransomware is very common, and Australia in particular is a hotspot for these types of attacks.

Here are just some of the notable things a security appliance can do for you.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention: every connection to your network from the internet is analysed and proactively protected against the latest vulnerabilities—including exploits, viruses, rootkits, and more. No IT Security Specialist needed. Updates to new threats are updated automatically and hourly.
This particular feature would have had you protected against the same attack made on the NHS


Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): Includes a database of over 500 million known files and over 1.5 million new incoming file samples every day, all automatically updated and protected by the appliance at the entry point to your organisation. Unlike Antivirus software which runs on your individual devices, this is done before it reaches your computer systems removing the risk or out-of-date virus definitions or missing antivirus software.


Content filtering: Sophisticated content filtering enables the users of your network to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while remaining protected from inappropriate or harmful content, maintaining productivity and compliance with applicable business and regulatory requirements. Block adult content, sites known to contain viruses or malware, or even keep your staff productive and stop countless hours spent on Facebook and YouTube.


Traffic Shaping: We all struggle with the speed of our internet connections. Even those of us with NBN connections find things slowing down at different times, usually when we need it most. Downloading an email with a large attachment, streaming a video off the web or even updates to Windows that run in the background can cause everything to slow down.
Simple rules can be set to ensure that users don’t use all your bandwidth and cause others to suffer.


To know more about what the Meraki MX can do for your business and how Realised Technologies can help you protect your business, contact us today on 0740514200