Amazing Projectors

By October 15, 2015NEWS

Seiko Epson is a Japanese company, and the worlds largest producer of image printers, and related technology. They’re also very well known for their multimedia projectors, commonly used in classrooms and presentation rooms, to show a wide variety of content on a flat white surface. Epson also like’s to show off their innovations, with amazing performances put on by their EB-Z series high-brightness projectors. These pieces of hardware are capable of glowing up to 10’000 lumens (A regular 100 watt household bulb glows at 800 lumens.) and can project rectangular images 12 metres across!

These projectors, while fantastic at displaying multimedia in typical situations, can be used to produce captivating visuals on a wide variety of mediums, with exciting and innovative applications in Virtual Reality.

Using four EB-Z projectors, Epson displayed their capabilities by turning an entire heritage building into an art canvas.

A story is told using EB-Z projectors, displaying the process of creating a high powered race car, using an actual race car, and skillful use of projected light.