Realised Technologies Pty Ltd provides end-to-end technology solutions for Australian small to medium businesses from Cairns in Far North QLD.

From I.T. Services, to hardware and software sales, to web design and development, we are one of the only technology companies who can provide peace of mind to their respected clients in regards to their complete business technology needs.

We have been operating in Cairns for the past 10 years collectively servicing clients throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on getting to know exactly who you are and how your business operates, so that we can help you make the informed decisions needed to navigate the complex technological landscape we face today.

We are a young and active company of independent IT professionals with a diverse portfolio of products, services and industry experience. We remain current with technologies trends (and fads) and know how to integrate them into your business.  We have worked in IT Departments as well as in small business so we can draw on this wealth of knowledge to supply you with real technology solutions to fit every budget.

Our vast skill set includes, IT Management, IT Support, Software Development, Web Design and development,  mobile technology integration, wireless network design and implementation, harsh environment computing, live streaming web cameras, business photography and video production, IT budgeting and planning.

We have clients in many different industry sectors, such as medical and health, manufacturing, retail, tourism and hospitality, logistics, building and construction, and professional industries.